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About Us

man scanning his fingerprint

Primarily based in Berwyn Heights, MD, Greenbelt Finger Printing Services is a well-known and trusted provider of finger printing and other identity-related services. Ever since our establishment, it has been our goal to provide dependable services that can help our clients feel safe and secure.

At Greenbelt Finger Printing Services, we provide our services to individuals and a wide range of businesses in different industries. We know how important it is for employers to hire trustworthy people. With our services, we can help employers achieve this goal.

With state-of-the-art technology, expert professionals, unparalleled customer service, and cost-effective services, Greenbelt Finger Printing Services endeavors to be your trusted source for finger printing and other identity-related services.

Learn more about us. Contact us at 240-882-2114 / 301-345-0060 for more information or send your queries to